Fibreglass Pool Colours

Fibreglass pools from Master Pools by MBUILD come in a fantastic range of colours to suit swimming pools and fibreglass pools in Melbourne - residential or commercial.

Crystite pools are stronger and offer superior fade and blister resistance. Developed together with one of Australia‚Äôs foremost research chemists, a Crystite® pool incorporates a unique multi-layer construction and dual gelcoat layer that acts like sunscreen for your pool, protecting the surface from ultra violet rays.

The ability of Crystite® to protect a pool from fading has been tested and proven. As a result, all Crystite® pools now include a Lifetime Interior Surface Guarantee - a testament to the long standing quality and strength of Master Pools swimming pools.

A Crystite® surface finish includes a jewel-like brilliance that actually sparkles and is available in two colour ranges.

Crystite® Deluxe

With coloured and silver chips evenly distributed throughout the surface, select one of our Deluxe fibreglass pools colours for a swimming pool with a dramatic brilliant finish that actually sparkles in the sun.

Swimming pools colour diamond blue
Diamond Blue
Fiberglass pools colour horizon
Fiberglass pools colour twilight
Fibreglass swimming pools colour bluesteel

Crystite® Classic

The Classic fibreglass pools colour range incorporates a multitude of colours into the surface, creating a three dimensional granite or quartz-like effect. Take your pick from this popular range for a spectacular shimmering effect.

Fiberglass pools colour blue quartz
Blue Quartz
Fibreglass pools colour Crystalite Blue
Crystalite Blue
Melbourne Swimming pools colour Tropical Blue
Tropical Blue
Fibreglass swimming pools colour Azure Blue
Azure Blue
Fibreglass pools colour Graphite
Fibreglass pools colour White Quartz
White Quartz
Fibreglass pools colour Ivory Coast
Ivory Coast
Swimming pools colour Silver Mist
Silver Mist
Fiberglass pools colour Smokey Quartz
Smokey Quartz