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Case Study: Overcoming Access Challenges

At Master Pools, we take pride in delivering exceptional swimming pools that transform our clients’ properties into beautiful, functional spaces that the whole family can enjoy.

As a Mornington Peninsula pool builder, every project brings its own set of unique challenges. One such project that showcased our expertise took place recently when we installed a Valentina 8m x 4m fibreglass pool in Mt Eliza on the Mornington Peninsula.

Access Difficulties

Located in the suburb of Mount Eliza along a bustling main road, our client’s property presented us with numerous access challenges. The combination of heavy traffic and nearby powerlines required meticulous planning and coordination in order to navigate the operation successfully. We engaged a trusted traffic management company to liaise with the Mornington Council and VicRoads, providing them with detailed traffic management plans and obtaining the necessary permits to complete the work. By collaborating closely with both parties, we ensured a safe and efficient construction process.

Smooth Excavation Amidst Traffic

To commence the project, we began with the excavation, a crucial step in preparing the site for the pool installation. Despite the busy traffic, we carefully orchestrated the process to ensure that our vehicles could work efficiently. Throughout the day, traffic was stopped periodically to allow our trucks to load and unload materials and remove the excavated soil from the property. By coordinating the traffic flow and employing an experienced traffic control team, we ensured a seamless excavation process. By selecting a Mount Eliza pool builder for the job, our clients were able to work with professionals that have a strong understanding of the local area and how to manage it.

Precision and Expertise

The following morning at 7 am, a lane of the road was closed off entirely to facilitate the positioning of the pool truck and crane. Given the presence of powerlines, we took extra precautions to ensure safety during the pool’s delivery. Multiple spotters were deployed onsite to guide the process and eliminate any potential obstacles. When the time came to lift the pool off the truck and place it into the backyard, both lanes of traffic were stopped to create a secure environment. Thanks to careful planning and the expertise of our team, the entire process unfolded smoothly, without any issues.

A Straightforward Install On-Site

Once the pool was safely on the property, the rest of the installation proceeded smoothly. With the access challenges overcome, our skilled team of professionals were able to execute the installation, transforming the client’s vision into reality. Whilst this project required thorough planning due to access issues, the installation process itself was simple and straightforward once the traffic management had been taken care of.

Engage a Mount Eliza Pool Builder

At Master Pools, we understand that each project comes with its own set of requirements and obstacles. We believe that no challenge is too great, and we pride ourselves on finding innovative solutions to suit our clients and their properties. Our extensive experience and attention to detail ensures that we deliver outstanding results, regardless of the complexity of the project.

The Mount Eliza pool installation project shows our ability to overcome obstacles and create exceptional pool installations. By leveraging our expertise and collaborating with the Mornington council on behalf of the customer, we navigated the busy main road and powerline constraints, ensuring a safe and efficient construction process. To experience the Master Pools difference and bring your own backyard oasis to life, contact our team today.

As a Mornington Peninsula Pool Builder, we look forward to helping you create a stunning pool that enhances your lifestyle and transforms your property into a personal paradise. You can view some images below of this Mount Eliza Pool installation.