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Case Study – Fibreglass Pool Builders Frankston

Our next job called for us to send out our Pool Builders to Frankston, not far from Oliver’s Hill.

Our customer John, was the lucky winner of our Mega Pool and Spa Sale Day competition in 2019 valued at over $12,000. A 7m x 4.1m fibreglass Capricorn pool in twilight colour was to be installed on his Bayside property.

We have previously installed a number of fibreglass pools in the Frankston area, and surrounding suburbs like Mount Eliza, so we were wary of the potential issues around the common sloping blocks and limited access site themes. After congratulating John on his new pool build, we organised a date for a site check to assess the property and determine how best to install the pool.

After performing the site check, we concluded that the site had limited access, with a small path that ran parallel to the house. This was the only access point for our excavators, so small machines were required in order to fit through the narrow entrance.

The team have worked on many limited access sites before, so this installation is a fairly straight forward one. We also concluded that due to the distance between the front and backyard, we would require a 90-tonne crane in order to lift the pool over the house. The backyard of the block was also sloping on a slight angle due to the hilly nature of the Frankston area, which required some extra consideration and planning.

The team at Master Pools are experts in pool construction in the Frankston area, so we knew exactly how to work around the sloping block in order to install the pool successfully.

When working with a sloping block, the first and most important step is to plan extensively in order to determine the style of pool and the surrounding landscape, as well as the location of the pool on the property. In this case we discussed the options with our client to determine the best plan of action.

Usually there are two main options to choose from when building on a sloping block. The first is to construct a retaining wall to separate the pool from the raised ground, and the second option is site work, involving carefully planned excavations. We decided to take the first option for this build and install a brick retaining wall alongside the pool in order to create level ground. This involved digging around the perimeter of the pool in order to create a patio area, then building the wall to separate the uneven ground from the pool area.

As fibreglass pools are designed to be installed underground, they require support from the ground in order to maintain their shape and structure. This meant that we had to excavate into the slope and move the earth to the uneven side to create flat ground for the pool to be installed into. This is a fairly straight-forward process and we were able to excavate fairly quickly using the available machinery.

We also made sure to install an adequate drainage system around the pool, patio and retaining wall to protect the features that would be surrounding the pool. After the excavation process, the fibreglass pool shell was ready to be lifted over the house and placed in with the 90-tonne crane.

The lift was successful and just two days later the shell was ready to be filled with water, the landscaping process could begin and John and his family could enjoy their new pool. You can find some photos of the construction process and the finished result below.

Despite the sloping block and limited access, we were able to install John’s pool efficiently and without any issues. At Master Pools, we our specialise in sloping blocks to ensure that everyone has the chance to build the pool of their dreams.

No matter how difficult, our professional team have the skills and ability to overcome common challenges that have the potential to arise when installing a new pool.

You can read some more case studies on our pool installations here, or if you’re interested in a free site visit from our Pool Builders to discuss a new fibreglass swimming pool in Frankston or the surrounding suburbs please contact our construction experts here.

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