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Whilst you can build a fibreglass pool in almost any backyard, limited access to your backyard can affect the cost and time it takes for the excavation part of your pool construction. If you have limited access to your backyard- smaller than 2m in width, don’t fret, it just means it may take us a little longer to excavate. Below you will find a case study of how we can find a way to overcome even the most difficult of access issues.

Summerhill Road Pool Construction – Beaumaris

Nestled between the stunning Black Rock and Sandringham Golf Course, you will find a sunny little street, Summerhill Rd, Beaumaris. The only thing that could make this amazing weatherboard house any more sweet was a cool spot to take a dip in the afternoons. When we got the call from the customer that he wanted an 8m X 4m Fibreglass Valentina Pool built in this Bayside backyard, we knew it would be tight, but we also knew how much it would improve their lifestyle.

Our Construction Manager, Cam, went to meet the customer on site to check for space in the backyard to ensure this size pool would fit, access to the backyard for excavation equipment, landscaping ideas for the surrounding space as well as front access for a crane to drop in the pool shell itself. Upon arriving Cam realised straight away that there would be no access for a standard sized crane via the front yard. This is an issue the customer had already realised himself, so he was not surprised when Cam explained the only route to take would be to spend a little extra on a 90T crane, and ask the neighbours for written permission to access the backyard from the front of their property. For your reference, the cost difference between a 90T crane and a 55T crane is approximately $2,000. The customer was so happy that we could find a way to get the job done that the extra money in the bigger scheme of things was not an issue.

Once they had decided upon the crane, Cam’s next step was to do a walk through to the backyard. Unfortunately again, he realised the access to the backyard was only around 1m, down the side of the house. This was not an issue though, as we deal with limited access sites every day. Our way to overcome this is to supply motorised wheelbarrows and a mini excavator to dig up the dirt and make space for the beautiful Silvermist Pool Shell the customer was dreaming of. Cam again explained there would be a slight extra cost for an extra day of labour, because the excavation would take longer with smaller machines… But still cheaper than ripping down a wall!

The best news was that the pool the customer intended on getting would fit, so we were glad we could find a way to make it happen. We created a detailed quote for the customer including excavation equipment and the crane and within days he was ready to book in his dig date so he would have his pool for summer.

The dig and install went exactly to plan as Cam had envisioned. You can check out some images below of this Beaumaris Pool Construction.


Devon Street Pool Installation – Cheltenham

Our pool builders next limited access site was neighbouring the relaxed Mentone, in Devon St Cheltenham. This time the access issues were due to Powerlines.

After receiving an enquiry from the potential Cheltenham customer, our Construction Manager Cam popped out to do a site visit before arranging a quote. Upon visiting the property, Cam discovered fantastic access for excavation machinery, and the perfect amount of space for a black coral 6m X 3m Empire fibreglass pool shell.

This was going to be a standard excavation because the access area comprised of a 2.4m space down the right hand side of the property. It was looking like a simple build until he realised there were powerlines in the front of the property, which would interfere with the craning of the pool shell.

Because the access area was so good, Cam quoted on the pool, excavation and installation, including a trolley for the pool shell instead of a crane, saving the customer thousands of dollars. The customer was impressed that Master Pools could find a way to get around the obstruction and decided to go ahead with the build.

The excavation went smoothly, and the pressure was on to bring in the shell. It was freighted via a pool truck to the property and transferred on its side onto a large trolley. Four of our Master Pools Builders carefully transported the trolley carrying the pool shell down the driveway and into the backyard where a crawler crane was waiting. We used the crawler crane to carefully lift the Empire pool shell off the trolley and into the hole, ready for its concrete beams and water.

As you can see, there is always a solution for tricky access jobs for us at Master Pools, even when other pool builders think it may be too difficult. Although most pool installations are relatively straight-forward you can see why it is so important to have a site visit before you get a quote for a new pool.