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Case Study: Building a Pool with a New Home – Mountain Hwy, Bayswater

Building a new home is such an exciting experience, especially when you are planning on getting a sparkling new pool to compliment your brand new property.

We were recently contacted by a customer who was knocking down their existing establishment and rebuilding a brand new home, and were looking at installing a pool. We thought we would share some of their experience to help you understand some of things to know when installing a pool on a new home build.

We were contacted by this customer once they had a firm moving date, although we don’t necessarily need the exact date to start our discussions.

Quoting the Pool

We began by looking over the customer’s house plans together to see what size fibreglass pool we could fit, as well as arranging a quotation.

Normally with a new build we will still do a site visit but just from the street to check for powerline and access issues, but in this case we could go on site as it was a rebuild. This way we could confirm the exact price of the pool installation including access equipment. If you would like to read a case study on overcoming powerline access issues click here.

The beauty of a new home build or any redevelopments is that there is already a soil test completed and available for us to check. This saves some time and money when comparing to a pool build on an existing home.

Contract and Start Date

Once we had supplied the pool quote for the customer’s new Oxford fibreglass 7m x 3m pool we arranged a contract for the customer to sign and arranged an installation date approximately one month after the home completion date, just incase there were any delays. Generally we book the pool in 4-6 weeks after the contract is signed, but we can always add more time for new builds if necessary.

When Things Don’t Go To Plan With Your Builder

Unfortunately the home build didn’t go to plan, and we had to move the installation date 3 times. This was due to the handover from the builder moving 3-4 times. We can never foresee all complications involved in a new home build, so we understood and managed to move things around for the customer so as soon as their new home was handed over, we could get them swimming in no time.

The key to being able to be flexible with an installation date is all in the customer. This customer was extremely communicative about the issues they were facing with the handover date, and by keeping us up to date we were not impacted heavily when moving our pool installation date.

A pool installation date can be very tricky to move around. Considerations involve moving another pool installation forward, including the crane booking, shell delivery, solar heating, equipment orders and sometimes more, as well as moving all of the bookings for your pool backwards. So you can see this can be quite tricky to manoeuvre, but keep in mind this is not an issue as long as we have notice – the more we know upfront the better, just so we can manage to swap bookings around.

The Pool Installation

Because this customer kept us constantly updated we managed to bring forward a couple of other bookings in the South East area, and by the time the installation came around we were in and out within 3 days. We work extensively in South Eastern Melbourne including installing pools in Bayswater, Kilsyth, Boronia, Wantirna, Rowville and Heathmont, so we were lucky enough to have some nearby pools that could take the existing bookings for this Bayswater installation.

Master Pools can help discuss with you any new fibreglass pool build, on a new or existing property. Contact us here if you are interested in getting a free Master Pools site visit in South East Melbourne, Bayside or the Mornington Peninsula.