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Whilst many people want their new swimming pool installed in their home as soon as possible, at Master Pools we understand that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances that can cause delays with the installation process. Luckily, our team can work around our clients’ schedules to ensure the pool is installed at a time which best suits them. A customer recently contacted us for a new pool installation which ended up with a slight delay due to carport works. Below is an account of that pool installation and how we were able to work around the dates when the delay occurred.

We recently had an enquiry to install a fibreglass pool in Dingley, not far from Braeside Park and Moorabbin Airport. The customer had contacted us because their friend had already had a Master Pools installation, and they were referred on to our team.

Once arriving at Bridgewater drive for a site inspection, we discovered that a carport was blocking access to where the pool would be installed, meaning that our standard excavators would be unable to reach the site. With limited access sites we always try to find a way to minimise costs and find the most suitable option for the customer. As it stood, we would treat the area like it was a limited access site, with the use of mini excavators that would fit through the carport to resume the dig. When we mentioned the access issue to the customer, they informed us that they were planning to remove the carport anyway, as they planned to build a new shed in its place. This meant that our team would have plenty of access and allow our excavators to fit into the site, and remove the need for extra costs involved in limited access excavation. To read more about limited access sites please click here.

We were soon advised that a builder was hired to remove the carport and we booked in the pool build accordingly and arranged contracts. It soon became apparent that the builder they had planned to use was not appropriate, so they arranged to demolish the carport themselves.

With the customer’s busy schedule, the demolition caused a delay in the installation process by around three months. We generally begin installing the new pool around 4-6 weeks after the contract has been signed, but we can always extend the period of time if it’s needed. We shuffled our bookings around to fit in with the client’s schedule and checked in with them over the phone every few weeks to ensure they wouldn’t miss out on their new pool installation. This contact and constant communication with the client meant that we were able to work around their schedule, and continue to revise the install date. Once the carport was finally removed, we finalised the dates and installed the new pool. The entire process went smoothly and according to plan, as there was plenty of room for excavators after the removal of the carport. The customer soon had their 5m x 2.7m Sovereign fibreglass pool installed and could arrange their landscaping, fencing and brand new shed.

When it comes to clients and their schedules, we know that from time to time, varying circumstances may affect the installation process. This is why we pride ourselves on the flexibility to work with our clients, and allow extra time if changes need to be made. In saying this, pool installation dates can be difficult to move around, as the crane, shell delivery and equipment can be hard to co-ordinate all at once. As long as we are given enough notice, we can accommodate any changes that may be necessary when installing a new pool. We make sure that we stay in contact when the installation is pushed back, to ensure that we choose the installation dates that suit you.

The team at Master Pools always offer flexibility in our work, meaning that if enough notice is given, the installation process can fit in with your schedule. You can read some more case studies on pool installation here, or if you’re interested in a free site visit to discuss your new fibreglass pool build in South East Melbourne, Bayside, Mornington Peninsula or surrounding suburbs please contact our construction experts here.