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Case Study: Gertonia Rd, Boronia

At the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges, not far from the Yarra Valley, our next big job was a Palazzo pool installation in Gertonia Rd, Boronia. Although we have installed hundreds of pools in South East Melbourne, this one was not your average arrangement.

Our soon to be customer called us one day and explained that they had received a quote and contract from another fibreglass pool builder, but were having issues contacting them about arranging their pool installation. Soon after they realized the pool builder had shut down and they needed someone to take on the job. The customer had explained in their enquiry that a site visit was important as their previous pool builder had said they would need a crane but did not specify the kind, so our Construction Manager- Cam headed out to Boronia to check the requirements and meet the potential customer.

Upon arriving at the site Cam checked for things like size of the backyard versus the pool, access to the site for excavation equipment as well as access for the pool shell to be placed into the premises. He reaffirmed the need for the crane, but not just your average crane… This crane would have to reach 42 metres. The customer had explained to Cam that the previous pool builder had not included the cost of the crane in the quote or the contract but had verbally told them it would cost approximately $1,000. Unfortunately a crane of this cost would not have had enough reach, so Cam explained to the customer that they were looking at an approximate spend of around $4,000 as they would require a 90T crane, and that he would include the details in the quotation before requesting the signing a contract. It can be exciting arranging your new pool, but it is very important to get all the facts before you sign a contract. If you would like to know more about what to look for in a pool quote please click here.

The site visit was going swimmingly, as Cam continued looking at excavation and installation options. Although he was happy he could find a solution for this customer regarding the crane, finding room for a crane that large would be the next challenge. At the front of the house there were powerlines that were service lines running from the main power pole on the opposite side of the road, running into the houses. The only way to make space for the crane was to have the surrounding powerlines dropped in order to lift the pool shell in. This included not only the customer’s powerlines, but also the neighbour’s powerlines.

Although it sounds like a tough job, it is actually quite simple! In order to arrange for the powerlines to be disconnected the owner would have to get approval from their neighbours and contact their power companies to disconnect them for half a day during the installation. Everything else was organised by Master Pools, which included a VIC Roads permit, along with traffic management to stop traffic for the half day of installation as well. The VIC Roads permit, although easy enough to obtain, can take up to 28 days so it needs to be submitted as soon as the contract is signed.

Although this is not exactly what the customer wanted to hear, they were comforted in the safety precautions and detail that Master Pools had outlined before a contract was signed.

The customer went ahead with the pool installation. It was successful, and due to the organization it didn’t take any extra time than that of a standard pool excavation and installation. The customers would soon be swimming in their sparkling Horizon Palazzo 7 x 3.5m pool. Check out the installation images below.

As you can see, Master Pools can find a solution for any installation, even when other pool builders think it may be too difficult. Although most pool installations are relatively straight-forward you can see why it is so important to have a site visit before you get a quote for a new pool. If you are interested in getting a free Master Pools site visit in Bayside Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula or South East Melbourne please contact us today here.