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How to Build the Most Eco-friendly Pool (Tips from Melbourne Pool Builders)

In this modern day and age, it is incredibly important to be aware of our environmental impact and the effect that it has on the planet.

If you are not well informed, owning a pool can contribute to this problem. Frequent usage of cleaning chemicals and the large amount of power required to heat the pool can become an environmental disaster. The loss of water due to leaks and evaporation can also contribute to using too much water.

However, there are measures that can be taken to significantly reduce the damaging effects on the environment. Yes! An eco-friendly pool is a possibility, and here is how to build the most eco-friendly pool possible…


The first step to creating an environmentally friendly pool is to get a pool builder to install a modern, environmentally friendly technology system that reduces the amount of energy required to pump and heat the pool.

This could involve the use of a pump timer which only triggers the pump at certain times throughout the day. Ensure that the pump is a variable speed unit as opposed to a single speed, as this can significantly lower the rate of energy consumption due to varying pump speed.

Be sure to check the energy rating of the pump before your local pool builder installs the pump. Did you know an 8 star pump will be up to 43% more efficient than a 6 star pump? Learn more about the difference between a variable speed pool pump and single speed pool pump.

An automated pool system is another great way to use less energy, as every process from the pump to the chemicals can be automated and fine tuned to use only the exact amount that is required. With so many advances in modern technology, automated systems are now more affordable and easier to use than ever before. Talk to your local pool builder in Melbourne to find out more about installing an automated pool system.

Electricity should also be conserved, so consider installing LED lightbulbs around your pool or spa as opposed to traditional lightbulbs. Not only do they use 85% less power than a standard globe, but they will also last up to 25 times longer which means less replacements.


If you are installing a pool in Melbourne, you are likely to want your pool heated. Opt for a solar pool heater instead of gas heaters or electric heat pumps. Solar heating can extend your swimming season by 6 months. Taking advantage of the sun’s natural energy will save you money on your electricity bills, as well as reducing the negative impact on the environment.

You can also purchase a high-quality pool cover which will not only keep it cleaner, but will also keep the water warm when not in use. By using a pool cover, your water requires less energy to heat up as it is already at a higher temperature. It can also prevent evaporation so you avoid wasting excess water.


Many pool owners often use too many chemicals when cleaning and maintaining their pool. Be sure not to use an excessive amount of chlorine and bromine as it has the potential to affect the health of natural wildlife, as well as the human body after repeated exposure to highly chlorinated water.

Check the chlorine levels of your pool frequently to ensure that you are only using the amount that is required. Purchase an automatic pool cleaner which is designed to remove dirt and other debris from your pool that the filter may have missed. If the pool stays cleaner, less chlorine and chemicals will be required to clean the water.


Keep the water in your pool all year round unless you have to perform a deep clean. Emptying a pool can actually lead to cracks in the pool lining which can be expensive to fix. You may not use your pool in winter, but keeping the water in there will save thousands of litres of this precious resource that could be used elsewhere.

Be sure to always attend to a leak in your pool as soon as possible. With water escaping the pool, more water is required to top it up. Water is a valuable resource that must be conserved as much as possible in order to protect our environment.

You could also opt for a cartridge filter instead of a sand filter. Cartridge filters don’t require backwashing, which results in saving thousands of litres of water in comparison to a sand filter. Learn more about the difference between sand and cartridge filters.


Landscaping is another factor to consider when organising a new pool installation. Wind can greatly contribute to faster water evaporation, so incorporating a windbreak or wall into the landscaping can prevent water loss.

Wind can also cool the water down, so the windbreak should keep the water at a slightly higher temperature. Plant native plants and trees around the pool which can also reduce wind, as well as adding value to the local ecosystem. Discuss landscaping options before installing your pool with your local pool installer in Melbourne.

If you’re interested in a free site visit to discuss a new sustainable pool installation in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs please contact our expert pool builders. Our team of pool professionals have years of knowledge and experience in order to help you design and build your dream pool, without causing too much harm to the environment.