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Hayward Pool Products have recently released a brand new salt chlorinator that we are now installing on new pool constructions in South East Melbourne, Bayside and the Mornington Peninsula.

Salt chlorinators are becoming increasingly popular due to the reduced chemical storage and handling requirements compared to that of traditional chlorine. In fact Australia is leading the way in salt chlorination with the majority of new pools coming standard with a salt chlorinator. Imagine not having to go to your pool shop, purchase chlorine, lug it around and add it to your pool manually… Instead, simply rely on this chlorinator to test, measure and monitor your chlorine output, and all it uses is salt from the water!

So what is a salt chlorinator?

A salt chlorinator is a piece of pool equipment that turns salt into chlorine to dose your pool and keep it healthy. A lot of people may say they have a “salt” pool, which actually just means they have a salt chlorinator. Technically a saltwater pool doesn’t mean it has no chlorine; it simply derives its chlorine from the salt in the water instead of manually dosing with expensive and messy store bought chlorine. This doesn’t mean that your pool will taste like salt! The amount of salt in the pool is about the same as our human tears, which is the equivalent of about 10% of the salt levels found when testing the water in the ocean.

The chlorinator is comprised of two components- a power supply and an electrolytic cell. The pool water passes through the cell with the proper amount of salt, and when power is supplied to the cell a reaction called ‘electrolysis’ occurs. This converts chloride ions into chlorine gas. This ultimately becomes liquid chlorine, which is used to treat your pool water, so you have a healthy pool all year round. In simpler terms, the salt is converted into chlorine and released into the pool automatically on a needs basis, instead of you having to dump chemicals directly into the pool manually.

What are the benefits of using a salt chlorinator?

This chlorinator will only produce chlorine as required, meaning there is a much lower level of chlorine in the water. As a result the water may feel “softer”, it will be gentler on the skin, hair and eyes, won’t cause clothing to fade, and you will save money on excess chlorine. The initial investment in the purchase of a salt chlorinator and cell isn’t small, but the savings add up over time. Hayward estimates at least 50% savings on usual chlorine costs. By keeping the water chemistry in balance, you can also extend the life of your colour guard fibreglass shell and pool equipment.

Why does Master Pools Choose the Hayward AquaRite+?

We like a solution that suits every pool, spa or swim spa, and most of all a solution that is relevant to the owners. Not only is the AquaRite+ a saltwater chlorinator that controls the filtration pump with a magnitude of different on/ off timer features, but it is fully expandable. This means we can give our customers the freedom to create a system that suits their individual requirements. There is no point having a multitude of features that our customers won’t use, so this way our customers only have to pay for what they actually need. Perhaps you want your chlorinator to communicate with your spa heater? Or do you want to add a WiFi network so you can control your pool via a tablet or smart phone? Do you love the convenience of the automatic salt level testing and want this for your pH as well so you can say goodbye to itchy skin? Any of these things are possible with this new chlorinator.

The AquaRite+ is low profile and compact, so we can fit it in almost any space. It comes standard with durable, self cleaning TurboCells manufactured in the USA, so we know they are reliable and easy to maintain. The AquaRite+ also has an abundance of industry leading features including the ability to automatically turn the filtration pump on and off, automatic low salt level testing and warning as well as water temperature measuring.

The AquaRite+ is extremely versatile, and comes in 3 different sizes to suit any body of water. Keep in mind that under-sizing a cell for your chlorinator can affect the health of your pool if it cannot keep up with the demand, resulting in algae, additional chemicals or even illness. Your Master Pools Builder will be able to help you select the right one for your pool, spa or swim spa. To get in touch with us please contact us here or on (03) 8787 8873.

To download a brochure on the Hayward AquaRite+ Chlorinator click here

Hayward AquaRite+ Chlorinator