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Master Pools offers a range of fibreglass spas that all include the modern spillover function. The Spillway connects the spa seamlessly to the edge of your pool to create the ultimate relaxing pool and spa area for your entertainment and leisure.

Spas are a great way to heat up or relax throughout any time of the year and can offer many functions specialised to your personal needs.

Our range of fibreglass spas give you the flexibility to position the spa raised or level and in most locations around the pool, and the Spillway can be paved over to be hidden or left open as a feature.

Our Range

  • Apollo

    Image of Apollo Spa Design

    Length 1.63m

    Width 1.63m

    Depth 0.65m

    Volume 1,200litres

  • Nova

    Image of Nova Spa Design

    Length 2.2m

    Width 1.8m

    Depth 1.0m

    Volume 2,350litres

  • Cove

    Image of Cove Spa Design

    Length 2.2m

    Width 1.8m

    Depth 0.35m

    Volume 1,100litres