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The pool with spa combo is the perfect way to provide extra functionality to your swimming experience.

Becoming increasingly popular around Melbourne due to the changeable weather, Master Pools has built hundreds of pool and spa combos locally so our customers can enjoy their swimming experience all year round.

What is a Pool with Spa Combo?

A pool spa combo is simply a pool and spa combination where the spa is adjoined to your pool, creating one body of water. By seamlessly connecting a spa to your fibreglass pool, you have the ability to:

  • Relax in the water any time of year
  • Have the flexibility to unwind in the warmth of the spa or splash around in the cool water of the pool
  • Entertain non-swimmers and swimmers at the same time
  • Have different age/social groups enjoying both the spa and pool at the same time
  • Save space, money and extra maintenance compared with purchasing a separate pool and spa
  • Match the colour and style of your pool and spa to create a cohesive look
  • Have one set of controls and equipment for both your pool and spa
  • Customise your pool and spa package to your needs

How will a Pool with Spa Combo work for me?

Our range of fibreglass spas can be added to almost any of our fibreglass pools. All of our pool spa combinations are completely tailored to your needs, with an abundance of design possibilities, functionality options and maintenance and automation control settings available depending on your needs.

You can choose to match the colours of the pool and spa, or have them completely different if you are hoping to create a more alternative look. All of our pool spa combos are covered by a lifetime ColourGuardĀ® warranty, guaranteeing that the colour will not fade over its lifetime.

Our team of experienced pool builders can install the spa in almost any position around the pool, allowing you ultimate flexibility in the design of your new space. They can be designed to be slightly raised, creating a beautiful, sweeping spillway, or level for those who want to achieve a more flush look. You can choose to either conceal the spillway by using clever paving design, or you can leave it open to create a feature.

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