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“I am looking at building a new fibreglass pool in Bayside Melbourne… How do I know what to look for when comparing quotes?

When you are looking for a quote, you first need to ensure you are comparing like for like.

You must make sure your selected builders are all Registered Building Practitioners, and it is also recommended to use a SPASA Builder.

Of course you can imagine there is a variance in quotes if the size is different or the shape, but quotes can include or not include a variety of components that are not as obvious as the aesthetics.

See our checklist below for what to look for in a standard fibreglass pool quote in Melbourne.


  • Engineering: Engineering is a must for pool builds in Melbourne. Make sure the cost of preparing your independent report is included in your quote.
  • Warranty Insurance: Unforeseen circumstances are rare if your swimming pool construction has been planned correctly and you have hired professionals, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Feel safe knowing your chosen Pool Builder has at warranty insurance for their workmanship for any build over $16,000.
  • Building Permits: Before any structural work can be completed you need to acquire a Building Permit for the swimming pool and spa and safety barriers. Your knowledgeable Pool Builder should manage this.
  • Excavation: This is the cost of digging out the dirt for your pool to go in. Make sure this includes the machinery involved, labour, as well as the removal of the soil from your site, along with the tip fees included in getting rid of the soil. It is a good idea to have someone from your chosen Pool Builder arrange a site visit before quoting so they can check the access for the excavation machinery, as limited access sites can impact your costs. You can read more about limited access sites here.
  • Supply of Pool Shell: Fibreglass Shell Manufacturers are all different so it is best to know what brand your pool shell is. This way you can do some research on the shell itself. Is it Australian made? How long is the warranty? Is the warranty on the shell only or also on the Colour Guard? Does the design have steps or ledges? Also be sure you check if your preference of colour is a standard one. Specialty colours can cost up to $1,000 more per pool. These things will all impact your quote.
  • Installation of Pool Shell: A simple site visit can determine what sort of crane would be required (if any) to lift your pool shell into your backyard, and most Melbourne Pool Builders will come out to your property for free before quoting. The cost of installation should also include your concrete bond beam.
  • Temporary Fencing: It is compulsory in Melbourne to have temporary fencing during the construction of a pool as per Building Regulations 2018. Make sure your builder has included this cost in your quotation.
  • Pool Filtration: All pools need a pump and a filter to keep your pool clean and healthy. There are a wide variety of options, including single speed or variable speed pumps and cartridge or sand filters. Make sure your filtration choices are energy efficient and produced by a reliable manufacture with reasonable warranties. When comparing pumps you should ensure you are comparing the equivalent size and HP. If you want to learn more about filters, you can check out our article on the difference between a cartridge and sand filter here.
  • Pool Cleaner: There are many options available on the market for pool cleaners including robotic, suction, pressure or in-floor. Whatever your choice, it is important to make sure you are comparing like for like, as each type of cleaner has different benefits and a different cost.
  • Salt Chlorination: Want a salt pool? A salt chlorinator should be offered as standard these days to save you money and handling nasty chemicals. To learn more about the salt chlorination process click here.
  • Pool Lighting: Normally a fibreglass pool builder will already know how many pool lights work best on each shell. Make sure the quality and number of lights quoted is the same across your options.
  • Skimmer Box & Hydrostatic Valves: Make sure you are supplied with skimmer box and hydrostatic valves as per Australian standards. Your skimmer box can be extremely dangerous should it not adhere to regulations.
  • PVC Pipes & Fittings: Ensure your quote includes class 12 PVC pipes and fittings.
  • Solar Heating: Solar Heating is included in all of our quotes as standard to extend your Melbourne swimming season. This may not be the case for other pool builders so ensure you check. If you want to learn more about Solar Heating Systems, please click here.
  • Handover Kit: Once your pool is complete, you need basic chemicals to get your pool going. It is kind of like getting a new toy with no batteries if you don’t! Make sure you are supplied with a handover kit and ask how long it will last you.

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Normally the following are not included in a general quotation but if you are interested in any of the components you should let your builder know before you request a quote:

  • Water: Generally water is required from the owners tap so it will not be quoted for, but this is an extra cost you will have to allow for
  • Traffic Management: Normally traffic management is not required but if it is, this is generally not covered by your pool installer. Make sure you ask about this during your site visit.
  • Water Features: Water features can drastically improve the look of your swimming pool, but they aren’t necessarily quoted as standard because they can be so individual. If a water feature interests you, ask your Pool Builder for some advice on your options at your site visit.
  • Gas Heater/ Electric Heat Pump: The Melbourne weather can get in the way when it comes to swimming, but it doesn’t have to if you can afford a Gas Heater or Electric Heat Pump. The costs can vary drastically depending on how often you want to swim and the size of your pool or spa. Speak to your Pool or Spa Installer if this is important to you.
  • Automation: There are a range of automation products available for your pool and spa, with the ability to automatically dose your pool to keep it healthy, turn on your heater and filtration at a certain time of day and some can even be controlled by an app for your smart phone or tablet. Imagine turning on your heater from the office so your pool is inviting when you get home! The cost of these products upfront isn’t cheap, however, it will pay itself of over its lifetime in energy savings and less visits from your pool maintenance man or woman.
  • Pool Blanket & Roller: Pool Blankets and Rollers can reduce chemical and energy use, provide safety, protect from heat and cold as well as keep out nasty leaves and tree branches. The reason a lot of builders don’t include blankets and rollers in their quotes is because there are so many options, ranging from $100-$10,000 depending on your needs.
  • Paving & Decking: If you require paving or decking surrounding your pool it is a good idea to speak to your pool builder about your needs before signing off on the quote. They may recommend a different size pool, depending on what you imagine your backyard space looking like and of course its functionality requirements. Most pool builders can either do the work themselves, or work closely with someone who knows their workmanship, products and expectations.
  • Pool Fencing: As you are probably aware pool fencing is compulsory in Victoria, for the safety of our families, so you need to ensure your pool and decking have been planned with fencing in mind. Normally your pool builder will provide temporary fencing, but this must be replaced with permanent fencing as per the current laws. The current Victorian fencing laws can be viewed here.

As you can see there are a lot of variables when it comes to installing a swimming pool and/or spa, so it can be hard to compare costs between builders.

At the end of the day the most important thing is to trust your pool builder and their expertise so you can build a relationship with them.

Master Pools have worked extensively in the Bayside area for over 13 years, including installing pools in Brighton, Hampton, Sandringham, Elsternwick, Black Rock, Beaumaris, Mentone and Mordialloc.

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