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Case Study: Elevating a Fibreglass Pool Above Ground – Nar Nar Goon

Fibreglass pools are generally designed to be installed in-ground due to the need for support and stabilisation. However, this does not mean that they can’t be installed above the ground to accommodate certain building situations.

Any fibreglass pool can be installed partially above ground, providing that the pool shell has been reinforced, and the correct backfill material is used to support the pool shell.

Just because fibreglass pools are an “off the shelf” option, doesn’t mean you can’t customise them to suit your existing space and lifestyle preferences, but you do need to ensure you have tasked this unique request to an experienced, professional pool builder.

For any challenging pool installation, be sure to choose a SPASA Pool Builder so you can rest assured that the service provided is be supported by a strict Code of Ethics and a commitment to deliver their goods and services at an industry standard. Read more about choosing a SPASA Pool Builder here. Below is a previous account of an installation where our client requested we install a fibreglass pool that was elevated above ground.

Customer Enquiry

We were contacted by a customer living in Nar Nar Goon, not far from the family friendly suburbs of Pakenham and Narre Warren. The customer requested an elevated pool build that would conveniently match up to the existing decking of the house. This was so that they could walk straight off the existing deck and effortlessly slide into their sparkling pool.

When an elevated pool build was initially requested, we explained that fibreglass pools are not usually designed to sit above ground, and that we would need to contact our engineer to explore the options that were available.

Pool Engineering & Landscaping

Our customer began by speaking to concrete pool builders to come up with an alternative solution, but wasn’t satisfied with the responses they were receiving. Once they explored all of their options, they decided to contact an engineer to design a retaining wall before beginning any work on the pool installation.

After the engineer had put together the design and blueprints of the retaining wall, the customer was then quoted a price for installation by a landscaper. The customer was excited by the ideas the engineer and landscaper had created and hired relevant contractors to build the wall to the engineering specifications.

Pool Building Contract

Following this the customer made contact with us again to arrange a pool building contract for the 6m x 4m Avellino fibreglass swimming pool in black coral colour, which suited the plans developed by the engineer. Once they signed the pool building contract and all contractors were arranged, the retaining walls were then built prior to our pool installation date.

Pool Installation

The overall pool installation process was barely affected by our customer’s elevation requests, as the required landscaping work was completed before we arrived on site. This made the pool construction process fairly straightforward for the team, and no special access was required.

We just had to ensure that we took extra care with our machines around the retaining wall, and additional labour was quoted for the extra backfill that was required to stabilise the pool as per the engineer’s request. In this case, we organised the pool permit and our customer arranged his own permits for the wall. However, we are happy to assist in arranging a wall permit if it’s required for a particular building request.

The Finished Product

Soon enough the customer was swimming in their dream pool, and our work was done. While this pool build was not technically an infinity pool, the sense of aspect generated on the low side of the pool certainly created a completely different look compared with your average fibreglass pool.

Although fibreglass pools are designed to sit in-ground, as you can see with the right planning, preparation and design, an elevated, partially above ground fibreglass pool can be installed into the back yard of almost any home.

If you’re considering installing a partially above ground pool to match up to your decking, our team of professionals at Master Pools can arrange a free site visit to help you explore your options. We take pride in our ability to facilitate the many needs of our clients when installing a new pool.

You can read some more case studies on pool installations here, or if you’re interested in a free site visit to discuss your new fibreglass pool build in South East Melbourne, Bayside, Mornington Peninsula or surrounding suburbs please contact our construction experts here.

Elevated Fibreglass Pool Nar Nar Goon

Elevated Fibreglass Pool Nar Nar Goon

Elevated Fibreglass Pool

Elevated Fibreglass Pool Nar Nar Goon