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Concrete VS Fibreglass Pool – Which is best for you?

“I’m Arranging a New Pool Construction… Should I Choose a Fibreglass Pool or a Concrete Pool?” So you have decided you are sick of sweating it out over an Aussie summer and have made the decision to purchase a swimming pool… But how do you know what type of pool to get?…

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Sand VS Cartridge Filter – Which is right for you?

“I’m Building a New Pool…Should I Choose a Sand Filter or Cartridge Filter?” Once you have made the exciting decision to enhance your lifestyle with the addition of a pool, spa or swim spa, you need to decide what type of filtration is best for you. The filter and pump are the central system of your…

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Minimum Access Required For a Pool Build

“I have decided on a fibreglass shell for my new pool but I have limited access to the backyard… What are the minimum access requirements for the pool builder?” The truth is that you can build a fibreglass pool in almost any backyard! Even in the tightest of spaces there is usually…

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Variable Speed VS Single Speed Pump- Which is Right For You?

“I’m building a new fibreglass pool in South East Melbourne… Should I choose a variable speed pump or a single speed pump? Every pool, spa or swimspa needs a pump to provide the pressure required to circulate the water through a filter (and sanitisation system if required) and back into your pool….

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Why Choose Solar Heating?

“I’m Building a New Fibreglass Pool on the Mornington Peninsula, Should I use Solar Pool Heating?” Just because you live in Melbourne, doesn’t mean you can only swim in summer. There are multiple pool heating options available to extend your swimming season, no matter if you have a fibreglass pool shell or…

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What you need to know about Pool Maintenance

“I want to build a new fibreglass pool in Melbourne, but don’t know a thing about maintenance… Do you have any tips?” A new pool is a large investment, and you do need to be prepared- like any other investment, to take good care of it. Without proper maintenance your pool could…

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