Why choose a fibreglass pool builder?

With an array of style and size options available, durable materials and convenient, affordable installation, fibreglass pool shells can provide your family with a beautiful pool that is built to last. Our supplier Aqua Technics have been producing award winning fibreglass pools since 1976, using high quality materials and technology to manufacture strong, reinforced shells.


A fibreglass pool arrives at your house as a pre-manufactured shell. This means that the pool doesn’t have to be completely constructed in your backyard. Once the initial excavation process is complete, the pool is ready for installation. This fast process means that the pool can be installed and ready for use within approximately 1-2 weeks.


Fibreglass pools come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes. You can select from a number of styles that are sure to suit any outdoor living space. Whether you want a narrow lap pool or a large family pool, there are fibreglass shells available to suit any preference. View our range of fibreglass shell designs for the styles and sizes available.


Fibreglass pool shells consist of a smooth, hard-wearing surface so you will never graze your skin or toes. Due to this smooth, non-porous nature of fibreglass, nasty bacteria, algae and mould aren’t able hide in rough finishings making fibreglass pools the perfect solution when considering safety for your family.


Fibreglass shells are incredibly easy to clean, meaning you’ll have more time to enjoy your pool and less time and money spent on cleaning and maintenance. Our pool shells also feature anti – microbial protection which prevents algae and bacterial growth on the surface of the pool. This protection helps to ensure that the pool is kept hygienic and safe for everyone to enjoy. Our fibreglass pool shells are renowned for their solid, reinforced exterior and long-lasting colour. Each pool shell comes with a lifetime structural warranty, and colour guard protection which is guaranteed not to fade.


Fibreglass pools tend to be the most affordable option when building a new pool. When you buy and install a fibreglass shell, the labour required for the pool is kept to a minimum as the installation only requires excavation and a crane to drop the pool in which is generally completed within a couple of days.

The gelcoat, non-porous surface also allows for inexpensive maintenance as chemicals are not absorbed as easily. Fibreglass pools can be a very cost-effective option, without compromising on quality. If you’re on a budget, fibreglass pools can provide style and luxury at an affordable price.

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