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What is pool automation?

Pool automation is the latest exciting innovation in swimming pools! But what is it? Automation involves controlling most aspects of your swimming pool and spa such as water temperature, lights, pumps, filtration, chemicals and even your outdoor area lights and blinds automatically. Automated pools save you time and money.

You can access and customise all of the pool’s settings to your preference through the control centre mounted on the wall or even via an app on your mobile phone.

Pool automation is an optional extra when having your new pool constructed, but is can be worth the extra expense in the long run. Here are a few reasons why…


Pool automation can make your life a whole lot easier through regulating your pool so it is always sparking clear and ready to swim!

It does this by monitoring and controlling the use of pumps and adjusting chemicals in the water. The control hub is used to automatically make changes to the pool that you can customise in order to operate it according to your needs. The mobile app feature allows you to connect to your pool automation system and control every aspect of the pumps, lights, chemicals and filtration right from your mobile phone or tablet. This makes it very convenient and accessible at all times.

You can check your mobile app to view and change the different features of your pool or just sit back and let the automation take care of everything for you, knowing you can access the settings at any time to make adjustments.

Have you ever wanted to come home after exercising or a long journey and wished that you could jump straight into your spa or pool without having to wait hours for the water to heat up? With the mobile app you can now turn on your spa or pool heaters from anywhere in the world over a wireless internet connection. This allows you to set the temperature to your preference and ensure that the water is at optimal temperature when you get in.

No more waiting around for the water to heat up, just set it and have your hot water ready and waiting.

Cost savings

It may cost a bit extra to add pool automation when you install your new pool, but in the long run automation will save you money on pool maintenance costs.

It removes the need for any hired pool maintenance company to top up chemicals, clean and adjust the different aspects of your pool, as automation works to keep your pool running smoothly. It is also much more energy efficient when the pool heater and lights are set to automatically come on during the time you are using your pool, and switch off after you’ve finished.

Not only do you save on maintenance costs but you will find your electricity bills and the cost of chemicals will be significantly reduced as your automation system will use them in small amounts only as required.

Pool Benefits

Automation eliminates the need for manual chemical maintenance, meaning the pool will operate smoothly and consistently throughout the year without needing to be altered.

When the chemicals and filtration are automated the pool will stay cleaner, giving you a good quality of water consistently. Without automation, your chemicals may be off balance for some time before the water is tested and chemicals are topped up again. This can cause damage to your pool and can also lead to bad water quality which is unhealthy for swimming.

Chemical automation eliminates this problem as the chemical levels are checked and regulated all year round to ensure that everything stays topped up. Keeping your pool well maintained with automation can dramatically improve its lifespan as it functions correctly all year round.

Hayward Omnilogic

Master Pools chooses the Hayward Omnilogic as our preferred pool automation system, especially for the installation of pool and spa combinations. It has a touchscreen display built in which is very simple to use, and the benefit of the Omnilogic is that you can alter your preferences without having to change parts. You simply name and save your preferences and they will be there for you to access at the click of a button from your control centre.

The Omnilogic app for smart devices is also very intuitive and simple to navigate, giving you, or your pool service company instant access to all of your pool’s features such as lighting, temperature and pumps that can be customised at any time.

The Omnilogic is also capable of chemical automation for more than one body of water (such as a pool and spa combination) and once installed can simply integrate with the automation system to regulate your pool.

This means you or your pool service company can check chlorine levels and automatically add chlorine when it is required to ensure your pool is always operating at its full capacity. You can read more about Hayward’s Omnilogic here.

If you would like to learn more about the Hayward Omnilogic pool automation system for your new pool build on the Mornington Peninsula, Bayside Melbourne, South east Melbourne or surrounding suburbs you can speak to one of our expert pool builders by contacting us today.

Alternatively, you can contact us on (03) 8787 8873 to make an appointment to see an Omnilogic in action at our Fibreglass Pool and Spa Show Room in Cranbourne West.

Hayward Pool Automation

Hayward Pool Automation

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