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How To Care For Your Pool Blanket (Top Tips from Pool Builders)

A cover or blanket that sits on top of the pool is essential to stop debris from getting to the water. This helps to minimise the maintenance and cleaning of the pool so you don’t spend hours fishing dirt and leaves from the water.

Pool blankets also serve another purpose, which is maintaining the pool’s temperature and limiting water evaporation. The cover helps to contain the heat from the water which means you won’t pay as much for your heating, as it stays warmer for longer. Not only is this better for your wallet, but it’s also better for the environment too!


Melbourne is known for having a shorter summer than other states, so a pool blanket is perfect for keeping the pool insulated as the temperature drops outside. This allows you to extend your outdoor swimming season even after summer begins to fade away.


Sunlover Pool blanket


How to care for your pool blanket:

Our preferred supplier Aqua Technics recommends:

  • Removing the pool cover frequently:

    This ensures the chlorine levels do not exceed the recommended levels. Readings above 2.0 ppm for unstabilised pools and 3.0 ppm for stabilised pools can void the warranty of the pool cover and all internal pool surface finish warranties. Removing the cover frequently also allows trapped contaminants (chloramines) to escape from the water.

  • Adjusting chemicals:

    Seasonally adjusting the input and usage of pool chemicals to maintain the recommended levels. This will ensure that your pool blanket is not exposed to harmful chemical levels that could cause it to deteriorate over time.

  • Checking Pool blanket edges:

    Not allowing the pool cover to ride up and over the pool edge beam. A pocket of super-heated air, steam and chemicals can form which will cause irreversible damage to the pool’s surface, voiding the warranty.

  • Checking Your Type of Pool Cover:

    Floating, bubble type pool covers to be cut 20mm shy along the sides and end of the pool to avoid any air becoming trapped between the blanket and the inside edge of the pool.

  • Checking PH Levels:

    Not allowing the pH of your pool water to fall below 6.8 as the combination of low pH, high chlorine levels and warm water will damage the pool cover and the pool’s surface, voiding warranties. Ideal pH should be between 7.2 – 7.6.

  • Checking Manufacturer’s Instructions:

    Using and storing your pool cover in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

It’s also extremely important to remove your pool cover for a minimum of 1 day per week, especially in hot weather. Removing the pool cover allows your pool to ‘breathe’ and helps avoid overheating the water. Never allow the water temperature in your pool to exceed 30C. Always remove the cover during times of extreme heat.

Always check your manufacturer’s manual for the most up to date warranty and maintenance information. For any further enquiries, you can visit our manufacturer’s website here. If you would like some more tips on keeping your pool clean you can view our pool maintenance article here.

Pool blankets require some maintenance to ensure that they are keeping your pool clean and energy efficient all year round, so it’s important to follow the steps and stay up to date with maintaining the blanket.

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