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Australia’s Best Pools is a new show coming to Australian TV, showcasing some of the best pools and pool builders across the country. Coming soon to the 9 Network, each episode of Australia’s Best Pools will feature a collection of the best pools and spas across Australia, taking viewers on a journey from concept to completion, packed with design and maintenance tips.  Hosted by The Block’s favourite landscaper, Dave Franklin, Australia’s Best Pools will give viewers the opportunity to see how installing a pool or spa can transform their backyard and their lifestyle.

Australia’s Best Pools will also take viewers on a tour of our very own display centre, showcasing some of our most popular swimming pools along with design and landscaping ideas. Our display centre is the first and only swimming pool showroom in Melbourne to be built completely undercover and is a great way for buyers to get an idea of how a pool would look in their own backyard. Our one-of-a-kind display centre has been awarded the SPASA VIC Gold award for Best Pool Display Centre in Victoria and the SPASA National Silver Award for Best Display Pool Centre in Australia. If you want to check out our display centre for yourself, you can make an appointment by clicking here, or by calling us on (03) 8787-8873

The day began with an interview at our display centre with our very own Matt Milnes, the owner and founder of Master Pools. We discussed the company, the display centre, and Matts interest in installing high quality swimming pools for families across Melbourne. Following the interview with Matt, we headed down to a property in Sandhurst for another interview with our general manager Cam Waddell. The property featured one of our Grandeur fibreglass pools in a black coral colour. Sitting at 8.25m long by 4m wide, the Grandeur pool boasts plenty of space for swimming and entertainment for the family. This installation was also a pool and spa combo which featured a raised Nova spa with mosaic tiles, designed to look like a concrete pool. The landscaping around the pool was completed by the team at Creative Image Landscapes, creating a stunning garden to match the brand-new pool and spa.

The Grandeur, along with the rest of our range of pools, is manufactured by our suppliers at Aquatechnics. The Aquatechnics team have been manufacturing award winning pools since 1976, building the highest-quality range of technologically advanced pools in Australia. All of our pools are built with a full-size structural ribbing system along the walls, built to reinforce the pool and making it independently structural for installing. This eliminates the need for sand and cement backfill, making the installation process much quicker and easier. With a lifetime structural warranty and colourguard protection, you have the confidence that our Aquatechnics pools are built to last. Manufactured in Perth, Aquatechnics pools are Australian made, providing you with the highest quality materials to ensure your pool remains in the best condition possible over years of use.


Regional Manager of SPASA Daena Bougoure has said “We have some of the best pools in the world and this will be the first tv series in Australia dedicated to finding the best pools and spas. Viewers will have the opportunity to see what it takes to create the most beautiful pools and from the affordable to the bespoke designed, there is something for everyone. We are very excited to feature the incredible work of our SPASA (Swimming Pool and Spa Association) members who are committed to building dreams.

The Master Pools team are excited to showcase our pools to the rest of Australia, giving viewers an insight into some of the work that goes into producing an amazing looking pool. Make sure to keep an eye out on channel 9 and our social media accounts for an announcement coming soon!