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Aqua Technics have been supplying high-quality, award-winning fibreglass pool shells to Melbourne Pool Builders for over 40 years. This Australian based company is our chosen manufacturer for all of our fibreglass pool shells. Their pool shells feature an expansive range of technologically advanced materials with both lifetime structural and Pool ColourGuard warranties, giving you peace of mind. Master Pools are excited to announce we have added 2 new series, featuring 5 new pool designs to expand our range for 2022.

New: The Olympus series

  • Alpine – Length: 6.5m Height: 3.65m Depth: 1m to 1.6m
  • Europa – Length: 7.5m Height: 3.65m Depth: 1m to 1.8m
  • Oceanic – Length: 8.5m Height: 3.65m Depth: 1m to 1.85m

The new Olympus series from Master Pools provides a spacious pool that is perfect for entertaining family and friends. The series features three new models, including the Alpine, Europa and Oceanic. Each design varies slightly in terms of dimensions, but the overall layout and design remains the same. The new pools feature a unique entry area on one side of the pool, boasting plenty of seating room to relax with your friends and family. The entry area also features unobtrusive side entry steps to enable easy access to the pool from either side. These steps are positioned to ensure that space is maximised within the pool, whilst still creating an easy entry/exit point. For children learning to swim or gaining more experience around water, the Olympus series features a child safety step for added security and peace of mind when children are swimming. With lengths ranging from 6.5m for the Alpine to 8.5m for the Oceanic, there is plenty of options available for any sized backyard.

New: The Tuscany series

  • Caprice – Length: 8m Height: 3m Depth: 1.2m to 1.75m
  • Milan – Length: 10m Height: 3m Depth: 1.2m to 1.9m

The Tuscany series focuses on sleek, sophisticated design to create a pool space that is not only practical, but looks stunning as well. The Caprice and Milan models have been designed to accommodate narrow spaces in smaller backyards, without compromising on features or the style of the pool. Whilst the pools are designed to be narrower than a standard family size pool, they are particularly long to accommodate lap swimming and family entertainment. The pools also feature generous side-entry steps on either side of the pool, providing you with more flexibility on the positioning of your pool. It also features twin deep end swim outs, which is essentially a combination of an upper and lower bench seat in the deep end. This provides swimmers with the ability to enter and exit the pool from the deep end, as well as a place to relax safely in the deep end. The Tuscany series is suited to bigger blocks such as those in Langwarrin, Frankston, or the surrounding suburbs of the Mornington Peninsula. This is due to its long length, which requires a generous backyard. However, the narrow nature of the pool design means that it can still fit into some tight spaces if you have the length available.


Both the Olympus and Tuscany series of fibreglass pool shells are offered in the following colour ranges with lifetime Pool ColourGuard warranties:

  • Standard Series: Silver Mist, Horizon and Twilight.
  • Marble Series: Artesian Mist, Assana Blue, Volcanic Ash and Black Coral
  • Starlight Series: Poseidon, Sterling and Cosmic Blue

For more colour exploration, visit our Instagram page here to view some of our previous installs. We have listed the colours of each pool in the caption to help you choose a colour that is right for you.


All of our pool shells are manufactured using corrosion resistant, highly durable materials, as well as an Anti-Microbial Pool Protection to protect the surface from bacteria growth. The shells are also built with a reinforcement mechanism which utilises a full-size structural ribbing system. This improves their structural integrity and removes the need for the sand and cement backfill that is commonly used for the reinforcement of pool shells.

With our large pre-existing range of over 30 pool shell designs, the Olympus and Tuscany series have been introduced for even more variety and customisation. With so many designs, we are sure to have a pool shell to suit your needs. Whether you want a small pool to fit in a cramped backyard, or you want a large lap pool to enjoy the summer with your family, we are bound to have a solution. All aspects of the pool can be customised, from the design, shape, colour and dimensions. If you would like to see some examples of our previous work, head to our Facebook page here. If you would like to see some of our fully landscaped display pools, you can make an appointment to visit our pool and spa display centre in Cranbourne West. To make an appointment, please click here.