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Pool and Spa Combination Case Study (Step by Step Guide from Professional Pool Builders)

Have you ever wandered whether you should get a swimming pool or a swimming pool and spa combo? There are so many questions including:

  • How much extra does it cost?
  • How much extra space would we need?
  • Does it impact installation time?
  • Is there extra maintenance?
  • Does it impact solar heating?

We get asked quite often what it is you need to know about adding a spa to your fibreglass pool construction so we have described below things you should think about. We also walk you through one of our last pool and spa combo projects step by step.

Here we go!


Swimming Pool and Spa Combo Location: Omeo Parade, Warranwood

When we were approached by this customer about building a fibreglass pool and spa combination in the leafy suburb of Warranwood we knew installing the Grandeur pool (8.25m x 4.4m) along with a Nova Spa (2.2m x 1.8m) would make a big impact. Less than 30km from Melbourne CBD you will find the leafy suburb of Warranwood.

The beauty about a quiet suburb like this, is there are large blocks that are perfect for a pool and spa combination. We first discussed some crucial things with the customer that they need to understand about installing a pool and spa combination.


When adding a pool and spa combination, the first thing to keep in mind is that you need a minimum of 3m x 3m surrounding the space of the pool. The customer was interested in the Nova Spa, which can be added on any side of our fibreglass pools, so we just needed the 3m x3m space on one side.

They already had an image in their head of where to put it so in this case we arranged for our Construction Manager Cam to go out and have a look at the site. Cam confirmed that we could position the spa on the longest edge of the pool, and install the spa slightly raised for maximum impact with the spillover into the pool.

You can also have them the pool and spa level for the spillover, but this customer preferred the slightly raised spa aesthetically. The spillover style is best for cost and convenience so we can run the water for the pool and spa through the same filtration system.


Once we had arranged a site visit we confirmed the site was standard access so we only needed to quote for a standard installation on the pool and spa. To learn about limited access sites please click here. Obviously it does cost more to add a spa to your build, because you are now adding extra labour, heating and another shell.

Generally for an install like this one Master Pools will quote between $18,000- $20,000 extra for the finished, installed spa including labour and equipment. We also advised the customer that they would need to allow a little extra for landscaping around the edges of the spa, as it is no longer one straight edge, as well as the cost for a plumber to connect the gasline for the heater.


The customer was happy with the quote so the next step was to discuss the installation with them. The installation equipment does not vary whether you are installing a pool, spa or pool and spa combination, so it is easy enough to add a spa to an upcoming pool build.

You do, however need to keep in mind that the spa installation does add an extra day to the installation time, mostly due to the plumbing. The pool and spa are installed at the same time, but generally the pool shell is dropped in first, followed straight away by the spa shell.

It is also handy to know that there aren’t different regulations for a spa compared with that of a pool, but both need to be submitted on the same permit, which Master Pools will arrange for you.


We then walked the customer through the extra equipment involved in a fibreglass spa construction. This includes jets, a gas heater, blower, a separate pump for the jets and a light (generally just one). The solar will work the same as the pool body of water, however we can isolate your spa so you can also have it heat up with the gas heater. For this build, we installed 6 jets as it is a 6 seater spa, but you can of course have more or less if you wish.


The customer was eager to get started, so we picked the colour of the shells (Twilight) and started the planning permits. Everything went to plan and we soon had a beautiful, sparkling pool and spa for summer. Please see the pool and spa combination pictured below.

Master Pools have worked extensively in South East Melbourne for over 13 years, including installing pools in Warranwood, Croydon, Ringwood, Heathmont, Warrandyte, Lilydale, Kilsyth, Boronia, Bayswater, Wantirna and Ferntree Gully.

If you want to view our pool and spa combinations, you can make an appointment to visit our Swimming Pool Display Centre in Cranbourne West here or if you are looking for a quote for a new fibreglass pool and spa in Bayside, the South East Suburbs or Mornington Peninsula, please contact us here today.


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