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“I would like to install a new pool in time for summer… Can you tell me how long does it take to install a fibreglass pool?”

The answer isn’t as straight forward as you may think. The actual installation of a fibreglass pool only takes approximately 2 days, but you need to keep in mind the planning process, the time of year as well as other outdoor considerations after the pool is installed such as paving, landscaping and pool fencing.

Pool Installation Planning

Planning for a pool installation is the lengthiest process in a pool build. Firstly, you need to consider which shape, size and colour pool shell you would like, whether it is suitable for your lifestyle requirements, as well as if it fits nicely in your backyard. You may also be interested in a spa or water features. You can get some tips about selecting the best pool shell for your requirements here.

Selecting a Local Pool Builder

Once you have decided on which pool and/or spa shell you are interested in you should choose a professional pool builder. It is important to select a pool builder that is experienced your local area as they will be well versed in potential hurdles relevant to your specific region, such as common soil issues, sloping block solutions and specialised permits.

It is also vital to select a SPASA member to ensure you don’t have to worry about things going wrong during the building of your pool. Only SPASA pool builder members can issue you with a SPASA Contract which complies with all relevant legislations, so you can rest assured you are protected as a consumer.

Arrange a Site Visit To Start Planning

After doing your research and making your enquiries it is a good idea to request a site visit from your new pool builder to seek some advice unique to your specific space.

Our Master Pools Construction Manager can arrange a free site visit within 2 weeks of your initial enquiry to discuss your ideas, requirements and check your site for any potential obstructions or access issues. If this is discovered before commencing the work there won’t be any delays in the installation process.

Master Pools can also recommend landscapers and pool fencing specialists so you can begin to plan for these as well from the start. It is much easier to consider your back yard as a whole before commencing your pool installation, incase you need extra space for feature landscaping or room for the kids or pets to play.

Arrange a Contract and Installation Date

Once you have made the decision on which pool and/or spa will suit you best, a contract will be created for you to sign, and your pool builder will get to work on organising your pool installation.

At this point your pool builder will tentatively book in an installation date which can be adjusted pending permit approval. Sometimes unforeseen circumstances can arise such as external contractor delays, in which case we can rearrange your installation date for you.

Let Your Fibreglass Pool Builder Do the Organising For You

One of the many benefits of installing a fibreglass pool is that it is pre-built, saving you ample time when compared with a concrete pool, but there is still a lot of organising to arrange.

Your pool builder will need to book the following for you:

  • Relevant excavation equipment
  • Trucks
  • Cranes
  • Order your pool shell
  • Order your pool equipment
  • Book other trades such as electricians
  • Submit plans for pool building permits from local authorities and other ad hoc tasks or permits that may be relevant to your individual pool build. For example, if you live in Sandhurst you must obtain permission from the Sandhurst Club for any pool construction. You can read more on this here.

You should allow at least 1 month from the date you sign your contract to ensure the pool shell and permits have been received before beginning construction.

Get in Early for Summer

Another deciding factor in how long it may take to build your fibreglass pool is when you enquire about your new pool. During the warmer months many pool builders are very busy delivering as many pools as possible for summer, and spaces do fill up quickly.

If you are looking to enjoy your next summer in your new pool, it may be best to start enquiring about your new pool between the months of March and July in order to complete a quick installation and leave plenty of time for fencing, paving and landscaping.

Keep in mind that summer is not only busy for the pool builders, but also for landscapers, so it is best to get in as early as possible for a smooth delivery. This is not to say that a pool cannot be installed in summer, but you may find there is less chance of flexibility around dates of installation.

The Pool Installation

Once your bookings are all made and permits have been received the installation runs very quickly. Day one of your installation is finally here!

The first day is used to excavate your backyard, so you will see a lot of measuring, planning, digging and moving of soil. The very next day is used to install the pool shell itself. Here your builder will lift the pool shell into the ground, fill it with water and connect all of your pool equipment such as your filter, pumps, chlorinator, cleaner and solar heating.

How long to build fibreglass pool

The pool then needs a couple of days for the chemicals to balance out before swimming.

Your pool builder will then book another site visit approximately one week after the pool installation. During this site visit the pool builder will check the pool and arrange an official handover where you will be instructed on how to maintain your pool and you are given the opportunity to ask any outstanding questions.

After this you can begin to arrange your paving and landscaping to create the beautiful oasis in your backyard that you have been dreaming of.

As you can see, planning and preparation is key to achieving a quick pool installation. If you’re ready to book a free site visit to discuss your new fibreglass pool build in South East Melbourne, Bayside Melbourne, Mornington Peninsula or surrounding suburbs such as Moorabbin or Cheltenham please contact our construction experts here.

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