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How to customise your fibreglass pool  (in just 6 simple steps)

Although a concrete pool has its advantageous in terms of creating a completely customised solution from the ground up, nowadays fibreglass pools have an abundance of elements that are completely customisable in order to deliver the perfect fibreglass pool to suit your needs.

Below we discuss some of the elements that we can customise to suit your requirements, including colours, designs, automation, lighting and water features.


1. Choose your colours:

At Master Pools, we have 15 different colours to choose from, from moody dark green to a sparkling light blue! If you already have a colour in mind we can suggest a range of colour options to suit your dream pool, or alternatively, if you would like some advice on colours which will suit your space we can help recommend the best colours for you. For instance, if you are installing a small pool it may be best to choose lighter pool colours as they reflect the sunlight. Our team of experts have installed hundreds of pools around Melbourne, and can help you find a colour that is tailored to your style preferences.

Palazzo Carnegie Pool Aqua Marine 4

2. Choose your shape:

We range over 30 pool sizes, so you are bound to find a size and shape to suit your outdoor space. When deciding on your shape, you should keep in mind not only the external size, but you should also think about the functionality. Perhaps you need enough depth to allow for kids diving in the pool, or do you want some bench seating so you can sit and relax infront of the jets? Whatever your needs, our wide range of pool shells should have you covered. If you would like to learn more about which pool shell might be best for you, please read our article here.

Mulgrave Pool Twilight

3. Add a spa:

Just because you are installing a fiberglass pool, doesn’t mean you can’t also have a spa! Adding a spa to your pool provides an extra level of design and functionality. Our expert pool builders can add a spa to any side of our fiberglass pools, allowing you to entertain non-swimmers, and host swimmers at the same time. You may choose to keep the same colour for both the pool and spa, or you could opt for different tones to create a feature. Our team can build the spa flush with your fiberglass pool, or we can design it to be raised, creating a sweeping spillway from the spa into the pool. To read more about our pool spa combinations please click here.

Pool and spa combination

4. Add some pool lights:

Pool lights can completely change the look of your pool as nightfall comes. Not only can pool lights deliver a modern and beautiful look aesthetically, but it can help keep your family safe by lighting up the pool edging and the bottom of the pool. You can choose from normal white LED lights, or multi-coloured lights which can set the tone for the ultimate pool party in almost any colour! We normally recommend 2 lights depending on the size of the pool, but we can install as many as you like – the choice is completely yours!

Pool Lighting

5. Add pool automation:

Pool automation can help you control your pool’s water temperature, filtration systems and lights from your smartphone, desktop or tablet. By installing automation on your pool you can customise your pool experience from anywhere in the world. Flying in from interstate and want to heat up your spa before you get home? No problems! Would you like to reduce your pool maintenance costs? You can set up your automation system to automatically dose your pool with the required chemicals – when it needs them. Do you regularly entertain by the pool? Setup and save themes for your pool parties, that can automatically adjust your pool lighting, music and pool temperature. Learn everything you need to know about pool automation.

Hayward Pool Automation

Hayward Pool Automation

6. Add a water feature:

Adding a water feature can dramatically change the aesthetic of your pool, and create an unsurpassed relaxing atmosphere. Our team of experienced pool builders can add water features to almost all of our fibreglass pools, to help create a one-of-a-kind look for your backyard. We can add simple deck jets that are positioned around the pool, and spurt water into the pool, or we can create the ultimate water-wall where the water gently trickles down a block wall into the pool itself. If you would like to see a water-wall in action you can make an appointment to visit our display centre in Cranbourne West.

Water feature

As you can see, there are many ways to customise a fiberglass pool, to make sure it suits your individual needs and style preferences. A fibreglass pool doesn’t have to be “off the shelf” or boring, and the experienced team at Master Pools can help discuss the abundance of design combinations to deliver a one-of-a-kind solution for you and your family.

If you are based in Melbourne, South East Melbourne or the Mornington Peninsula and would like to learn more about your pool design options, please contact us on (03) 8787 8872 or send us an enquiry today.